Evan De VildeBorn in 1973, Evan De Vilde is the deviser of Archaeorealism. This avant-garde movement bases its poetics on aesthetical/language contrasts in archaeological objects, such as installing authentic finds on modern contemporary art compositions. De Vilde's works are objects of archaeological art redesigned along avant-garde patterns whose aim goes beyond simple museography or museology. Evan De Vilde is commissioned to write a text on Thorwald Alef's "Impressionism" with the sponsoring of the Swedish Embassy. Commercial artist and graphic designer, he also engages in designing jewelry by using - from an archaeorealistic viewpoint - ancient archaeological artifacts and interior designs as a starting point. It is also worth remembering that he is an arts administrator (he achieved a master's degree in Roma), and a manager in a graphic and advertising agency. He displayed his works at Fonte Nuova Contemporary Art Museum in Rome, Palazzo Gravina in Naples, Sala Orsini Formello museum in Rome, Palazzo Loewen in Berlin; he was invited in December 2011 to the Biennale in Florence, to display three great and important works; in June 2011 he organized the prominent "Grande Napoli Arte" arts exhibition at Maschio Angioino castle in Naples. He was invited by the Orler family to its artist TV show. As a writer and poet, he is presently conceiving a treatise on archaeorealism, a fully Zen-based work directed at going beyond mere printed paper. Many works and catalogues were published with their ISBN code and are available in bookstores. His next personal exhibition is planned in 2012 at Archivio di Stato (Rome).